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Government releases latest 30 year infrastructure plan

20 August 2015

The 30 Year New Zealand Infrastructure Plan, released today, anticipates expenditure in the next ten years of around $110 billion.

Key challenges identified in the document are:
  • high maintenance and renewal costs due to ageing infrastructure networks
  • affordability constraints at both local and central government levels
  • changes to infrastructure requirements due to the greying population 
  • uneven regional growth, with 92% of population growth to occur within just five regions
  • the need for infrastructure to support higher productivity
  • the pace of technological change
  • the concentration of economic growth in certain regions, creating infrastructure "pinch-points"
  • the need for good international connections if New Zealand is to fully capitalise on the emergence of Asia, and
  • the pressures created by the effects of climate change and emerging natural resource constraints.

The Action Plan to address these includes:

  • developing national shared data standards for infrastructure and more transparent pipeline data
  • establishing regional centres of excellence, or similar, to support decision-making
  • investigating options to support long-term, integrated regional infrastructure plans
  • improving procurement governance, and
  • developing a trans-Tasman procurement market with Australia.

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