COVID-19 Series: Navigating through unprecedented times

As the unprecedented situation continues to unfold, businesses are having to adjust to the many effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19). The firm has looked into some of the impacts and immediate implications for different industries and sectors, publishing guidance across the following topics.

If you have any queries on our publications or need advice navigating your own business challenges due to COVID-19, please contact your usual Chapman Tripp partner.

​Release date​Topic​Publication
​13 May 2020​​General business advice

Looking ahead – a clearer business planning horizon

Key contacts: Nick Wells, Andy Nicholls, Andrew Woods

​11 May 2020​Competition & regulatory

A smoother process for lawful market collaboration

Key contacts: Neil Anderson, Lucy Cooper, Matt Sumpter

​5 May 2020​Financial services regulation​

​More COVID-19 FMA guidance for the financial services sector

Key contacts: Penny Sheerin, Tim Williams, Bradley Kidd

​1 May 2020​Tax

Tax relief for business keeps coming

Key contacts: Bevan Miles, Graeme Olding, David Patterson

​1 May 2020​Health & safety

Safety breaches justify dismissal

Key contacts: Marie Wisker, Garth Gallaway, Geoff Carter

​​30 April 2020​Environment, planning & resource management

Resource management processes during COVID-19 restrictions

Key contacts: Catherine Somerville-Frost, Luke Hinchey, Ben Williams

​30 April 2020 Financial services regulation​

The financial services sector – through COVID-19 Alert Level 3 and beyond

Key contacts: Penny Sheerin, Tim Williams, Bradley Kidd

​29 April 2020​Property & real estate

​Commercial leases – access during Level 3

Key contacts: Tessa Baker, Greg Wise, Andrew Woods

​28 April 2020​Corporate & commercial

Fast track for Overseas Investment Bill?

Key contacts: Roger Wallis, Simon Peart, Andrew Woods

​16 April 2020​Property & real estate

COVID-19 commercial lease changes

Key contacts: Tessa Baker, Greg Wise, Andrew Woods

​15 April 2020​Tax

More tax support for business

Key contacts: Bevan Miles, David Patterson, Graeme Olding

​14 April 2020​General business advice

Transitioning to Level 3

Key contacts: Marie Wisker, Michael Harper, Andy Nicholls

​Updated 9 April 2020​Restructuring & insolvency

Changes to insolvency laws announced amidst COVID-19

Key contacts: Michael Arthur, Michael Harper, Andy Nicholls

​8 April 2020​Corporate & commercial

M&A Matters: Deal-ing with COVID-19

Key contacts: Joshua Pringle, Joshua Blackmore, Fiona Bennett

​6 April 2020​Government

Responding to crisis – governance stocktake for Crown entities

Key contacts: John Knight, Mark Reese, Matt Yarnell

​3 April 2020​Litigation & dispute resolution

COVID-19 and contractual obligations

Key contacts: Laura Fraser, Lauren Curtayne, Daniel Kalderimis

​Updated 3 April 2020​Employment

Employment obligations during lockdown

Key contacts: Marie Wisker, Geoff Carter

​Updated 3 April 2020​​Tax​

Health care for business: COVID-19 financial support

Key contacts: Bevan Miles, Marie Wisker, David Patterson

​1 April 2020​International trade & investment

Recovering from COVID-19: the critical legal pathways

Key contacts: Daniel Kalderimis, Tracey Epps, Nicola Swan​

​​1 April 2020​Competition & regulatory

Commerce Commission COVID-19 response update

Key contacts: Neil Anderson, Lucy Cooper, Simon Peart

​31 March 2020​Health & safety​

Health and safety in a state of emergency

Key contacts: Marie Wisker, Garth Gallaway, Joseph Lill

​​30 March 2020​​Environment, planning & resource management

The Resource Management Act and COVID-19

Key contacts: Catherine Somerville-Frost, Alana Lampitt, Ben Williams

​30 March 2020​Tax

2019 income tax return filing extension

Key contacts: Bevan Miles, Edwina Ma

​25 March 2020​General business advice

Alert Level 4: what this means if you work in the commercial sector

Key contacts: Frank McLaughlin, Daniel Kalderimis

​25 March 2020​International trade & investment

Considerations for importers and exporters

Key contacts: Daniel Kalderimis, Nicola Swan, Tracey Epps

​23 March 2020​​Restructuring & insolvency

Leading a company through crisis – what will it take?

Key contacts: Michael Harper, Michael Arthur, Andy Nicholls

​19 March 2020​Employment

Practical advice for employers on the COVID-19 response

Key contacts: Marie Wisker, Geoff Carter

​19 March 2020​​Corporate & commercial

COVID-19 unprecedented relief for NZX listed issuers

Key contacts: Rachel Dunne, Roger Wallis, Josh Blackmore

​11 March 2020​​Corporate & commercial

​​A checklist for listed companies on COVID-19

Key contacts: Josh Blackmore, Geof Shirtcliffe, Rachel Dunne

6 March 2020​Finance

​​COVID-19 impacts on New Zealand borrowers and bond issuers

Key contacts: Cathryn Barber, Gerard Souness, Ross Pennington

​​27 February 2020​Construction & major projects

​COVID-19 business protection checklist

Key contacts: Hamish Bolland, John McKay, Edward Scorgie

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