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4/08/2011Cathryn Barber;Ross Pennington;Roger Wallis;Alan Lester
​Non-bank deposit takers (NBDTs) will require a licence and be subject to similar prudential requirements to registered banks under legislation introduced to Parliament yesterday. … The measures are intended to boost investor confidence but are clearly …

8/02/2012Ross Pennington;John Holland;Alan Lester
On the face of it, little in the Non-Bank Deposit Takers Bill (NBDT Bill) would excite the non-specialist.  But the prudential regime it envisages goes well beyond the finance companies it was designed to regulate. … Instead, it carries them over into …

14/10/2010Cathryn Barber;Roger Wallis;Alan Lester
The Reserve Bank last week released a consultation paper seeking comment on policy proposals for a second non-bank deposit takers (NBDTs) Bill. The Bill will complete the legislative framework for the Reserve Bank’s regulation of the NBDT sector …