Don't forget your checklist - further NZX practice notes released

NZX Regulation has today published a further five "practice notes" to provide user-friendly advice on common questions raised by issuers and their advisors.

As with NZX's previous batch of practice notes, the notes are designed to be a short-form practical guide to complement NZX's existing guidance. They cover:

  • releasing the results of shareholder meetings

  • matters to be included in notices of meetings.

  • confirming that there is generally no need for issuers to separately announce changes to indices

  • changing or replacing bonds held with NZX to secure compliance with the Listing Rules, and

  • applying for trading halts.

One key point for issuers to be aware of in relation to notices of meeting is the requirement introduced through the new practice note that a copy of the relevant checklist is completed and sent to NZX Regulation together with the issuer's notice of meeting if it requires NZX approval under Rule 6.1. While this should literally be a box ticking exercise, it will hopefully enable NZX Regulation to continue to provide a rapid and efficient review service.

We continue to wholeheartedly support this initiative and look forward to engaging with NZX on suggestions for even more areas that would benefit from publication of a practice note.

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