NZX Listed Issuer Resources

​Chapman Tripp has compiled links to the NZX Listing Rules, Guidance Notes and Practice Notes, as well as other relevant materials for NZX Listed Issuers, for your ease of reference.

​Part A: NZX Listing Rules
NZX Listing Rules (1 January 2020)
​Part B: Appendices to the NZX Listing Rules
Appendix 1: NZX Corporate Governance Code
Appendix 2: Results Announcement
Appendix 3: Takeover Provisions
Appendix 4: Mining Issuer Disclosure
​Part C: Guidance Notes
Approval of Appraisers
Backdoor and Reverse Listings
Continuous Disclosure
Diversity Policies and Disclosure
Issuer Engagement
Major and Related Party Transactions
​NZX ESG Guidance
Trading Halts and Suspensions
​Part D: Practice Notes
Accelerated Entitlement Offers
Administrative Announcements
Announcements for Convertible Securities
Application for Quotation
Change of Balance Date
Changes to Indices
Changing or Replacing Bonds
Effective Announcements
Foreign Exempt Issuers
Listing and Quotation of Debt Securities
Listing and Quotation of Fund Securities
Listing and Quotation of New Equity Securities
Listing Wholesale Debt
Notice of Meeting
Notifying Changes in Securities
Providing Information Required by Legislation
QFP Exemption
Rights Issue Requirements and Timetable
Redemption of Debt Securities
Shareholder Meeting Results
Trading Halts
Using Announcement Types
​Part E: Class Waivers and Rulings
Class Ruling on NZX Listing Rules 2.13.3 - Audit Committee
Ruling on NZX Listing Rule 7.1 - Notices of Meeting
Class waiver and ruling for NZAX and NXT Market Migration
Class waiver and ruling for NZX Main Board and Debt Market Transition
Class waiver for NZX Listing Rules 4.14.1(a) - On-Market Buybacks
Class Ruling on NZX Listing Rule 4.11.1(e) - Issue of Discounted Equity Securities
​Part F: Templates
Instructions for Templates
Template - Application for Trading Halt (NZX Issuer)
Template - Application for Trading Halt (NZX & ASX Dual Listed Issuer)
Template - Announcement of Shareholder Meeting results (Rule 3.19.1)
Template - Capital Change Notice (Rule 3.13.1) (old rule 7.12.1)
Template - Corporate Action Notice (Rule 3.14.1)
Template - Distribution Notice (Rule 3.14.1)
Template - Financial Results Announcement - Debt only (Rule 3.5)
Template - Financial Results Announcement - Equity only or Equity and Debt (Rule 3.5)
Directors and Senior Managers - Initial Disclosure Notice
​Directors and Senior Managers - Ongoing Disclosure Notice
​Part G: Other useful materials
NZSA - Framework for Reporting of CEO Remuneration in New Zealand Companies
NZFMA – Master ECM Terms
NZ Corporate Governance Forum - Guidelines
MAP Data Guide
MAP User Guide - Jan 2019