Climate change and sustainability

The scale of the change that will be unleashed by climate change will be large under any scenario, and huge unless immediate mitigation and adaptation action is taken.

It will see some businesses taken out, scraping by, being forced to reinvent themselves or relocating, and some becoming hugely successful as they invent or commercialise new technologies, provide new services, or find new market opportunities to exploit – all will face increased risk.​

Chapman Tripp is a leading opinion shaper in the climate change debate. Our firm has a team of experts across various practice areas to assist with climate change-related matters and provide practical mitigation and adaptation advice and insight into what the future might look like.

Series: Building resilience to climate change

Chapman Tripp releases a regular Building resilience to climate change series that covers insurance, governance, local government, green finance, regulatory drivers, impacts on investment, financing the transition to a low carbon economy, and international law.

Read the publication series here.

Other commentary from our firm

​The Aotearoa Circle: Interim Report of the Sustainable Finance Forum

The Aotearoa Circle is a unique partnership of public and private sector leaders, unified and committed to the pursuit of sustainable prosperity and reversing the decline of New Zealand’s natural resources. Climate Change is a key priority, particularly for business.

The Interim Report is available here.

More information about the Forum can be found here.

The Aotearoa Circle: Legal opinion

In addition, Chapman Tripp partner Daniel Kalderimis and senior associate Nicola Swan were engaged by the Circle to prepare an opinion on the duties of company directors and managed investment scheme providers regarding climate change risk. The preparation of a general legal opinion on these topics is a significant development for New Zealand.

You can read the legal opinion here.

Podcast: Climate change series

Is climate change a financial and investment risk?

Partner Daniel Kalderimis and senior associate Nicola Swan discuss their work for The Aotearoa Circle, diving into the topics they cover in the legal opinion written for the Circle.

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