COVID-19 Series: Navigating through unprecedented times

As the unprecedented situation continues to unfold, businesses are having to adjust to the many effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19). The firm has looked into some of the impacts and immediate implications for different industries and sectors, publishing guidance across the following topics: 

Health care for business: COVID-19 financial support

The Government has committed to a multi-billion assistance package for business. We expect there is more to come, including tweaks to what has already been announced. Measures as at today (25 March) include immediately accessible subsidies and business tax changes that will deliver support over a longer timeframe.

Read our publication here, released 25 March 2020.​

Alert Level 4: what this means if you work in the commercial sector

The Government is currently putting in place the legal basis for the new COVID-19 level 4 world we will all be in from 11:59pm on Wednesday 25 March 2020. In the interim, those operating in the commercial sector have many questions. We have compiled some FAQs and have endeavoured to answer them based on our current understanding of the situation (as at 25 March 2020).

Read our publication here, released 25 March 2020.​

Consideration for importers and exporters

As New Zealand enters an unprecedented lockdown, businesses are having to adjust to the increasingly significant impacts of COVID-19. For importing and exporting businesses, disruption to global supply chains will be top of mind, even as the Government works to keep freight moving. In this note, we consider some of the key legal issues that businesses will also have to consider related to their supply chains.

Read our publication here, released 25 March 2020.​

Leading a company through crisis – what will it take?

Even if New Zealand manages to contain Coronavirus as a health threat, it will be at huge economic cost. That trade-off is already obvious and is inescapable. We now know what the Government and the Reserve Bank will do to try to nurse the economy through the COVID-19 crisis. But much will also depend on the foresight and leadership exerted through corporate boardrooms. We look at some of the factors boards will need to consider.

Read our publication here, released 23 March 2020.​

Practical advice for employers on the COVID-19 response

The Government’s COVID-19 response package will reduce the dislocation to business and employment, but will not remove it. Likely effects will include requiring employees to work from home, increased absenteeism due to sickness or to exposure from other family members, reduced working hours, lay-offs and business failure. To provide you with an easy-to-use guide to your obligations as an employer and to the assistance available to you, we have prepared a set of Frequently Asked Questions.

Read our publication here, released 19 March 2020.

COVID-19 unprecedented relief for NZX listed issuers

​NZX and FMA announced unprecedented measures on 19 March 2020, to assist in relieving some of the pressure on listed issuers arising from the extraordinary circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. While this publication focuses on these new measures, listed issuers should also consult our earlier checklist for listed issuers for other matters that they should be considering in these troubling times.

Read our publication here, released 19 March 2020.

A checklist for listed companies on COVID-19

Share markets globally have been highly volatile and have come off significantly from record highs. Global supply chains are breaking down and each day seems to bring worse news, with one major bank now predicting a recession in New Zealand. Volatility of this magnitude creates significant compliance and disclosure issues for listed issuers. To assist, we have provided a checklist of practical advice on how to navigate the storm.

Read our publication here, released 11 March 2020.

COVID-19 impacts on New Zealand borrowers and bond issuers

We look at some immediate implications for both issuers in the market and bank borrowers.​

Read our publication here, released 6 March 2020.

COVID-19 business protection checklist

As more factories close and global share markets wobble, businesses are looking for ways to minimise their risk. We look at some of the implications for the New Zealand construction sector.

Read our publication here, released 27 February 2020.

If you have any queries on our publications or need advice navigating your own business challenges due to COVID-19, please contact your usual Chapman Tripp partner.

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