Ground Cover

Ground Cover is a quarterly publication tracking legislative and regulatory reform in resource management, local government, planning and construction law.

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In this issue we look at:

  • the Resource Management Amendment Bill
  • the Government’s freshwater plan, and the response of the LGNZ Regional Sector Water Subgroup
  • the product stewardship scheme for high waste products
  • the high value soils NPS
  • the latest climate change policy and regulatory developments
  • a link to the local government instalment in Chapman Tripp’s Building resilience to climate change series, and
  • the proposal to create a dedicated regulator to ensure safe drinking water.

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Ground Cover – September 2019 Print this article Download free Acrobat Reader here

Related topics: Resource Management Act; Water; Local government; emissions trading scheme; Climate change

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Series: Building resilience to climate change; Freshwater plan looking for watershed moment; Councils told to grow up and grow out  

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